I am a writer not fond of reading
I’m bleeding
A leader whom blind men is leading
I’m feeding
Empty souls with empty words
That fall off a mouth whose words are not carefully chosen
I’m rotten
Dead and buried my preachings are forgotten
Study to pass and learn to forget has always been my motto
Doing things pronto
I’m a Dead Poet!

Mindless, meaningless mumbles
About miniature mambo jambos
Desert jungles, fumbles
Countless schools for Scoundrels
Let’s call it recess coz I’m relentless
I am one of the young and the restless
I live my life reckless
Believing that I’m fearless has made me act more careless
This rhyme is worthless
I’m a Dead Poet!

I’m a writer whose tears never fall onto a page
But the pen that I hold in my hand
For it bleeds for the people of my land
To let them know of the conflicts in my head

I’m a writer who narrates stories you’ve never heard
Stories of the living and the dead
Stories written in pages never read
Stories that tell of the suffering of our land

I’m a writer who resurrects the dead
Recollecting each and every drop of blood that our late heroes bled
Reclaiming all the wisdom that our forefathers had
With the mighty pen that I hold in the palm of my hand

I’m a writer of ancient crypted codes
Ancient codes that reconnect us to the gods
By fear and respect of heavenly laws
Through perfect worship irrespective of our earthly flaws

I’m a writer of revolutionary rhythms
That keep revitalising rape victims
I’m breaking systems
Leaving historic marks that tell the story of my art
Like the khoi-San art
I hold them dear to my heart

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5 thoughts on “DEAD POET

  1. sindiswa mpetshwa

    U’re an inspiration Mgqwatshu,kip up da gud work.

  2. Massive love and thanks 🙂

  3. NonPlus-The-Puzzler | tlatsman |

    Word up Dead Poet, you just woken up dead souls. Great scripture, bless you…

  4. Then I believe the purpose is fulfilled …

  5. Nothing but the depth of the 1st Stanza !!!
    Word my nigga. Beautiful piece. A poets words never die, never ever

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