And out of the prime gates of heaven came the word
A word with one purpose to claim and emancipate the world
The word was with him and him became the word
The word lived in the midst of grease and filth of this world
And out of his sacrificial death, out of his soul the 3rd element was born
I the poet
The physical composite element that’ll carry the word through the planets and preach like a prophet
With the same breath and grace that was bestowed upon John the baptist
I stand firm in my faith like the Buddhist showing you the palm of my hand
I preach his word in alternating syllables, chants and monotones accentuating his rhymes and rhythms in metaphorical connotations
Punctuating accentions through fonetics like a lyricist linguist
Connecting the 3 elements forming a quarantine pyramid
Earth, Wind and Fire
Mind, Body and Soul
Father, Spirit and Son
Man, Angel and God
Mother, Father and Child
Poetry, Verse and Rhyme
You and I and this prophecy
For Three is the completion of all things Galactic
Past, Future and now
You got to open your third eye and be vigilant of the triple
The curse of the lewis doesn’t choose if you’re a cripple
Any number is divinity until you reach it’s triple
Six is the blinded curse unfolded, un-chained, un-buried, un-named
And it’s final punishable judgment remains un-claimed
For its demonic usage is un-changed
Like a devil un-caged
Living a life of falsified hope like a Christian un-saved
Secretly bearing the mark of the beast untamed
All hail to the Sun who brings light to the dark visions that create divisions between my spherical objective views in my dreams
Projecting projectiles of massive molecular maximums in my mentals
I paint black the walls of the gates of the Palestines
For glory was claimed by David over Goliath and the Philistines
Releasing the tension pressure felt by starving Africans in their intestines
I circumcise genitals hanging from brains of gentiles and liberals who speak in dysmellodic lullabies
Raging like chastrated bulls when they see the red flag of good
It is never too late to step out of the wrong crowd and start doing good
For time is of the essence and nobody knows when your soul will run out of food.

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2 thoughts on “THE PROPHECY

  1. jerry molutsi

    …….# word # ..
    You couldn’t have put it better… Thank you.

  2. Many blessings and thanks bretheren.

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