Shall I compare thee to a mid-summer’s day?
No! Shakespear already did that
Your precious curvatious petite little body compelled me to praise u with a sonnet
But Shakespear beat me to it.

The voice inside me is screaming for you I want you to hear it
There’s some love in my heart I want you to have it
Since it’s not tangable I want you to feel it
I wish I could show it to you so you could see it
Coz deep in my heart I love only you and I wish I could prove it
This love is so bitter-sweet I wish you could taste it, lick it, enjoy it and never get tired of it
Hold it and squeeze it
Stop it maan I like it
I know you never did it with any other man but with me you did it
And I saw it in your eyes that you enjoyed it
even with your friends you couldn’t share it
Their hate, jealousy and envy made you end it and now you hate it
Can we at least try to talk about it
But what is it?
Let’s leave it to your jealous friends to suck on it…

Let me wipe away your tears and silence your cries
Let me whisper in your ears beautiful lies
We all need lies to silence our cries
We’re living in a world that is full of lies
Polititians stand on podiums and feed us polished lies
While media print and televisions televise lies
No wonder these never ending cries
Mothers cry never ending cries because of their sons
If they’re not intoxicaticating themselves with toxic drugs they’re either dying in initiation schools, killing their sisters or raping their mothers
As long as they get their penile satisfaction they don’t give a fuck about others
Coz they no longer listen to their fathers

I’m talking to you man!
Speaking of men,
How many do we have in the world today?
Coz many are phsically grown but still stuck in their childhood ways
Many good men never got a fair chance to live and be true
Because their goodness was overshadowed by foolishness of a few
Now Tell me what do you see when you’re looking at what is standing infront of you????!!!!!

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2 thoughts on “TELL ME LIES

  1. NonPlus-The-Puzzler | tlatsman |

    Good piece, very introspective… Well done mate, you never cease to amaze me.

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