Is it me?
Trapped in the corner trying to break free,
Doubting my actions because I didn’t think clear,
Chained in my own woes because of that one bottle of booze?
No! It can’t be me.

Is it me?
The one who doesn’t know who he is because he lost his identity,
The one who can’t think because he oppressed his own mentality,
The one with zero confidence because he raped his own personality?
No! It can’t be me.

Is it me?
The one who flushed down the toilet his moral values,
Then started killing, raping and robbing elder people and their mzukulu’s?
Now because of me they are not safe in their community,
they are seeking refuge.
No! It can’t be me.

Is it me?
The one who deceived the nation and made the people believe that I am an Angel of good deeds and I’m telling good things?
But all along I was a serpent, looking to viciously solicit as soon as they turn a blind eye?
No! It can’t be me.

Is it me?
Your one and only brother who’s not your brother anymore,
Your one and only friend you used to trust but you can ‘t trust anymore,
The one person you looked up to but now you don’t wanna see anymore?
No! It can’t be me.

Is it me?
The man who was once known as the main man but today is referred to as a dog,
The man who used to work hard for a living but today is seen as worthless,
and he feels useless ’cause everything he says is senseless?
Oh! Lifeless…
No! it can’t be me.

Is it me?
No! It can’t be me,
It wasn’t me and it’ll never be me
ke bolela nnete, It was never me
and it shall never be me
’cause you know why?
You can’t see me!
You don’t even know me,
So you can’t blame me…

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One thought on “IS IT ME?

  1. NonPlus-The-Puzzler | tlatsman |

    Lol, it can’t be you, that I declare!

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