When speaking of poetry as an art, poetry as a medium of expression, poetry as an institution to help build minds of the young people of our generation and community, empowering them with content that stimulates their minds and challenges them to look at things and subjects at a different angle thus allowing them to grow, be bold and emancipated, only two words come to my mind, “Bulelwa Basse”.

Bulelwa Basse aka “Sassy” is a Cape Town based poetess, activist, idealist, visionary and founder of “Lyrical Base Project”, an Arts and Culture Organisation that seeks to elevate the profiles of writers from marginalised communities through community publishing projects, performance poetry fused with corporate events.

Through Sassy’s drive and determination and Lyrical Base Project’s vision and philosophy, NguduThePoet got an opportunity to work with Lyrical Base Project and work very closely with Sassy, sharing ideas, visions, ideals and most importantly poetry and their love for empowerment through performing arts.

NguduThePoet shared a number of stages, events and memories with Bulelwa “Sassy” Basse under the banner of Lyrical Base during the time he was still in Cape Town. Some of the events include the South African Poetry Slam in partnership with the British Council SA at the Fuggard Theatre where James Mathews was a guest, National Heritage Celebrations ’12 at the Iziko Museums, Cape Town International Book Fare 2012 held at the CTICC just to mention a few.

Even though circumstances moved NguduThePoet from Cape Town, his relationship with Sassy and the Lyrical Base Family still remains as solid as a marble stone.

You can contact Sassy wrt Lyrical Base
facebook: Bulelwa Basse

poetry cafe

poetry cafe

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One thought on “MEET MY ALLIES part 2

  1. Wow, Ngudu: These are kind words, indeed. You honour my work so gently… Bring me to tears with your humility.
    I want you to know, that you will always have a home with Lyrical Base Project. It’s people of your calibre, who hold such absolute truth and lead such a beautiful quality of life and purpose, that inspire me to do more of the work I so love to do.
    I miss you dearly, and am extremely proud of the sterling example of work you constantly display. My journey in collaboration with you has certainly not ended. Geography may have us apart – but never in thought and admiration. Infact, ours has only just begun…
    Go get ‘em!

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