Before Judas deceived Jesus
He gave curse to religion and destroyed the act of believing and paying of legions to the one above all religions by segmenting regions into sections of mentals disbelieving in the hand that is constantly giving significant meaning to our purpose of living without deceiving our reason for believing as opposed to the earthly proclaimed enlightened
Creating a world of men and women who are short sighted
With brains narrow minded in thought
Only believing whatever they’re taught or rather whatever they’re told

Deserting written scriptures was the first death of earth’s most dominant creatures
Stories of twisted theories by inhuman theorists who spent time devising tactics to waste your time studying theorems impractical with reasonings irrational resulting in wisdom un-national
Now you cry to nationalise what you fail to rationalise according to rations outside the borders of racial relations
Only holding fast to futile relationships that end up in ridiculous rejections
Fuck I hate the word revolution
So that is why I retaliate with rhymes and rhythms
Creating room for reason
Breaking chains of our mental prison
It’s time for changing of season

The revolts and riots that resulted to rifles and revolvers disolving uprisings were more mental than today’s ideal of political
Is it my fault that I was not born during the time of racial riot?
Now it seems that only status attached to name attached to the word “struggle” attached to the name “exile” gets the ultimate prominance in supreme positions of pleasurable power
even though they don’t possess the practical power to propel the purpose of mass interest
They just pursue they’re own private interests
in private jets
for private estates
Abusing public funds
For private fun
Is poverty is a subject of fun?
Who am I to speak?
I’m just a programed version of a human form multi-purpose robot
Thrown in mass mess to function manually to generate good revenue annually
Making more money to owe than to own
I’m the working class so I should be fine!
Even before I reach the end of this poem I know I’ll get a fine
Speaking Truth has now become the worst punishable crime
For we live in a republican state that exercises democracy built on a freedom based upon lies
Fuck the common man’s cries
The TRC was here now gone
Now the ANC dictates the ABC’s of the SABC and the NBC, the GDP, the RDP and now the HIV
Let me detach myself from here and read my NIV
For the only freedom I know is the one of expression in the name of GOD…



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  1. NonPlus-The-Puzzler | tlatsman |

    Excellent penmanship brethren. Word!

  2. Lola Ngudu

    You never fail to speak truth. How I wish suck works of art could be shared in a wider, national spectrum in the view and audio sight of our so-called leaders.

  3. Vusani

    This is brilliant!

  4. It would be a symbol of my ingratitude if I do not extend a word of appreciation for your displayed appreciation for my ideas that have evolved into such an art.
    NonPlus, Lola and my man Vusani you are brilliant! More minds like yours are required for a more effective ideal… Share the word!

  5. Bigger

    The struggle lives on through your words.

  6. phindile maritz

    Good stuff broer

  7. Word lives !!! Long live the Word !!!

  8. Salute!!!

  9. Sisie


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