I remember my first words of affection at age 10
Coming out of a mouth of a young innocent boy
Who knew nothing about the politics and logistics of love
But the pure and honest feeling yielded deep within
But shielded by the fear inflicted by society
Standards set out by those who existed before I in my community
Young beautiful girl heavenly moulded to my soul’s preference
I spoke of flowers, the moon and the stars at your reference
At age 10
Looking at you and getting butterflies in my stomach was the cutest feeling ever
Listening to my heart singing a harmonious tune
Self composed by and through the beauty in the look of your eye and the sparkle in your smile
I felt like a man ’cause then I thought I knew how to love
I had your name tattooed in every single page I went through ’cause that is the only thing I preferred to read
The times I spent working out the strength of our love through BEACHFILMS
While you in your music book were busy with bright colourful highlights
Highlighting my name as the one you love and would like to be the father of your child
Little did we both know that this thing called time quickly fast forwards
Forcing one to grow beyond their own imagination
To a point where they reach a realisation
That there is something called an Erection
Depression and Frustration
All components of love education
As an aftermath of un-meaningful penetration
Now 10 years later I feel like a god
And that egotistic feeling gives no shit of your view of me as a dog
All childhood honesty is dead and gone
Lost with my virginity was my heart’s sensitivity to love
Now as the biophysiological haemodynamic shift occurs as nature intended
Shifting my blood pull down low to my genitals
My brain now functions at that level
The adult in me has now embraced adultery whole heartedly
Even though the little boy is crying out loud begging to be released
So that he may experience pure love again
The adult resists
Amazing how one can grow into a hypocrite
Society’s norms and ease of access to the forbidden fruit have now taken dominion over how I comprehend love
Love at first sight remains an unjustified childhood fairytale for now I love at first bite
No more BEACHFILMS and Music Books
But flirtatious texts over social media platforms
Exchange of nude pictures is now more religious than exchanging of smiles and sweet words
The young innocent boy and this man now live in different worlds
The one world still embraces beauty, love and woman as a special flower
While the other has objectised the woman into a glorified erection reliever
Respect and admiration flushed down the drain
“I love you” now whispered through alcohol scented breaths because it’s not heartfelt anymore
As long as I hook up her digits and treat her to a drink or two
I’m guaranteed to hit that
And when I’m done with that I ditch that
Nigga what is that?
One on one conversations are essential with the man on the mirror
Especially for us men and women of this era
Because honestly we can’t continue to live in this perpetual error
‘Cause the idea of intimate relationships and marriage without love only spells terror …



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9 thoughts on “LOVE AFFECTION

  1. Lola Ngudu

    Hay! Hay! Uhamba nam mfana! This is yhoo! Too real. It’s like you know what I did yesterday, lol.

    You never fail to make me think!


  2. Impressed ..that’s all I can say you cn even write a book…haai o blind

  3. @Lola- hahahahaha I wonder what the heck did u do…….

    @Pale- hey my book is gonna be R200 neh, so u r gonna be my first customer klaar ….

  4. Zintle Barnes

    Love that part “exchange of nude pictures is more religious than exchanging smiles&sweet words” So true!!

  5. Honesty is the best poetry Zee

  6. NonPlus-The-Puzzler | tlatsman |

    Marvellously evoked my emotion, I wanna be 10years again, with my pure virgin without the systematical progression. Word

  7. Sisie

    Boy u are good!

  8. mashiya radebe

    Love the poem through the infautuation of my heart.

  9. ZANDI


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