After God, the Cherubs and the Angels Then came me, man
Carefully chiselled and designed to his detail
For my mind, body and soul to entail
A portion of his wisdom and divinity unsurpassed
But it looks like that pleasure has passed
It was all in the past
Now humans don’t last
In their own land they live in fear and no trust
Humanity taken over by animosity
Humility converted into humiliation
Is it all because of Globalisation?
I don’t know
Your guess is as clueless as mine
‘Cause my brain has failed to function at it’s fullest potential
They say wisdom comes with age
But with the number of brain cells I lose everyday as I age
I doubt I’ll ever grow young again and reclaim my wisdom age
So for my own sanity
I record every major event that occurs in the fissures of my occiput on a page
Hoping that God will not cast upon my head his fury and rage
By prematurely erasing my archives and leaving me a blank page
A sorry image of a breeding species that can’t decide between a savage and a sage
A piece of matter that finds no value over words written on a page
Lord make me human and unlock my cage
Eden was my first home and that’s the part of my root I want to reclaim
So allow my mind, body and soul with yours to engage
For your wisdom is what I believe I need in order to put value on a blank page
Thus turn a savage into a sage
And unlock this human cage
That has trapped many masters into believing that their minds have limits
Fearing their own potential has now gotten them timid
Now the blurred image of their heavenly future is less vivid
For they chose to zoom in with the human eye and not their spiritual eye
I guess they’ve been mislead by the falsified earthly gospels that fall of a mouth of material masters who claim to have smoked the pipe that gives man the natural high
Fuck human induced mediocrity human stand up and fly
For your imaginary wings can carry you as far as your imagination goes
Only if you get off your heels and stand on your toes
Close your human eyes and breathe through your nose
To exhale the lies and humanise what your haters dehumanised
Your mind has been neutralised
Careful consideration for what class of conversation you subscribe to is imperative
For only your conscious mind can filter out the bullshit, extract only the positive and leave out the negative
Brothers and Sisters
Fathers and Mothers
Sons and Daughters
Children and Orphans
Servants and Masters
Reverends and Pastors
Prayers and Fasters
Nubians, Caucasians
Lesbians and Gays
The preaching is done
Stand out of the fucking rest and be the best HUMAN you can be!!!

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5 thoughts on “HUMAN

  1. Pheello Michael Rasello The ThinkinCap

    Awesome. Beautiful piece Sir.

  2. Lola Ngudu

    Word! Zivile.

  3. Nompumelelo

    keep up the good work»»»

  4. The aim is to share scripts of beautiful poetry that communicates with the inner conscience….. Blessings for the appreciations

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