DREW: If it Hurts for being Beautiful, am so sure you will die in Pain.
You have that beauty that brings out happiness and eases the inner pain.
Your smile gives courage of falling in love again.
Outrageous feelings of unbreakable chain.
Chain of joy that brings peace like drops of rain
Your love melts my heart and sends rainbow like colours to my brain.
Let alone my blood runs at a speed of an electric train.
Together, our bond is as strong as a sugar cane
You take me to places that I really can’t explain
You always find it in you to contain my nonsense, my composure I regain. You are the blessed dove of peace that makes it all be at ease.

NGUDU: You are a masterpiece
A heavenly work of art
Carved by the most dominant hand of the righteous man above
Moulded and shaped out of love
Pure and innocent love
Virgin like love that lifts souls into a higher level above
A place close to divinity
A place close to a woman’s virginity
Where her womanhood is not determined on the basis of her vulnerability
Nor the state of her fleshy virginity
You are a woman of integrity
The gaze of your eye combined with the whip of your tongue completed by the walk in your stride
Commands dignity
Your beauty seeks no earthly validity
For human tongues upon your head have only salivated stupidity
You are a natural commodity
A precious gem stone planet earth has ever treasured
An artefact that is desired by every man’s hand
Even though they struggle to handle you
Yet they still work towards receiving your hand
They fail to understand the reason why when you enter the temple they should stand
But I understand
You were woman enough to rise above all adversity and among gods you took a stand!!!

Collaboration piece by @NguduThePoet and @drewThePoet dedicated to all the beautiful women/goddesses out there



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2 thoughts on “THE MASTERPIECE

  1. Nompumelelo

    Mmhm Masterpiece indeed..

  2. The masterpiece herself certifies it, I’m now content 🙂

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