At first she was my love
Or so I thought for she seemed like a blessing from above
A woman with a dichotomy mind that is in perfect insync with the atrioventricular chambers of her loving heart
Magnetic eyes with forces that evolve in strength with her every glance
Her smile evokes my most erotic emotions
I experienced many different sensations when I ran my fingers down her extensions
My face portrayed different expressions that resulted in many explanations that mortal minds failed to manifest to comprehend
So I was left to pretend in order to compensate for the type of feelings withheld
As I held her in my hand
She dominated my hand and took over my space and my land
So I was left pacing like a boy in a marching band
Her love for me and mine for her managed to make me stand
On twitter it made me trend
For every single love note I wrote evolved into beautiful poetry with magnificent metaphors that magnify her magnificence
Her womb cultivated and bred a fruitful seed and gave me proof that I can also breed
Her womanhood completed my manhood in a way that enhanced our livelihood and gave us admiration around the neighbourhood
Even when I was not in her mood
I still felt the desire to do her good
For she was the most deserving being I’ve ever known

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  1. NonPlus-The-Puzzler | tlatsman |

    Awesome king, bless

  2. Lola Ngudu

    I relate!!! Tell my story big brother.

  3. mercy

    Absolutely beautiful!

  4. Slizie

    Beautiful 🙂

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