ODE TO MADIBA: by Kayalabo Ngudu @NguduThePoet

A mastermind of monumental metaphors
With a Law degree
He used his decree
To emancipate the minds of the mistreated and misguided
With the hope to unite a nation that was divided

Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela
Unyana ka Gadla ebaThenjini
Kwilali yaseMvezo apho inkaba yeGorha ileli khona
Iphuma esinqeni sikamam’uNosekeni owasizalel’umongameli

Words alone are not enough to describe your well built figure and affluent intellect
But your actions and humanity proved to the world that open hands birth humility and forgiveness overcomes tranquillity and that colour cannot dictate unity and equality

Twenty-seven years of your incarceration saw a break of a new dawn of a new democracy free of bureaucracy
A nation standing together to filter fact from fallacy
Killing anarchy
Now we work hand in hand trying to build the bridges once burnt
And by your hand we continue to tower the African continent with compliments from our neighbouring continents

As we now wave our flag with pride
And the sun shining down on us
The ripple images of its shadow replicate your fist folded reflections
Chanting slogans that affirm and proclaim that the African land is now reclaimed
Now heaven proclaims you Tata as one of his own twinkling stars shining brighter in the skies for your children whom you so dearly loved

Echoing your words now is the new generation of gifted young children
Born into the democracy brought forth by you and your comrades via a congress that dedicates itself to selfless struggle
And we shall never defer from your dream of a free and fair South Africa
For you have declared that
“Never! Never! And Never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another !!!”

Rest In Peace Ngqolomsila, Yem Yem, Vela bambhentsele…..
Aaaaah Dalibhunga!!!!!!

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3 thoughts on “ODE TO MADIBA: by Kayalabo Ngudu @NguduThePoet

  1. witness

    Lovely indeed…

  2. mercy

    Another job well done! Khaya!

  3. Lola Ngudu

    I love it! 🙂

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