Pictures of painted principles placed in plastic pedestals of purple mansions built by hands of plasma fashioned architects with palms of paedophiles whose pains penetrate pulmonary pressure points producing un-sounding purity
Receiving praise and poetry from people residing in properties hidden from the darkness of the light but yet seek the light by following the dark directions that give false directives like fake detectives who failed to detect a fake identity thus compromising indemnity and not realising the intensity of the danger imposed upon a country with compromised security
Compromised by cons who throw coins to gain access to pose and impose while they dispose
This shit we must expose
A puppet-like government has no effect I suppose
Through them we blindly string along as puppets pulled with a string straight to the sting of this thing that has made me see my neighbour as a evil being
I need fruits and vegetables, water and all natures variables to restore myself into being one of natures valuables
I smoke a blunt to blow away all my troubles and forget all about struggles while the rest of the world continues to tumble and crumble but with a straight face they tell you to stay humble
Apologetic is what I refuse to be
For my mission is to make you people open your eyes see
That having a vision is what merely makes you to be
And despite all of this division we still need to stay close to thee
For our last breath on earth is only determined by he!
Seek ye the light…

Mathew 6 v33… KJV

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3 thoughts on “SEEK YE THE LIGHT

  1. You bless me my friend

  2. Tiisetso M Thiba

    Well written piece Sir, and you are on point.

  3. illflow


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