Conversations with conscious minds to mediate between the conflicts created by confusing matters of the heart
Heart to heart moments to create soul to soul connections while the mind reveals soil to soil confessions
Drawing confusing conclusions for confused minds fail to untangle simplicity
The complexity of simple subjects has paved the path for a common trend called stupidity
Where humans feast on another human’s short fall
This is a social call
I’m calling all conscious minds who breathe and breed on top of this soil
To engage in meaningful mental conversations to revive purpose in perishing souls
Mind over matter is an idiom that needs to be used to shape human psychology and help them realise their reality
Conversations with conscious minds to communicate the messages left to decompose in hidden trenches of many ignorant minds who camouflage behind arrogance influenced by earthly prestige
False facades that fade when the face of the earth looks away from sun
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
May his mind be forever covered in rust for he failed to mould a man out of his son and now he can’t define between love and lust
Faith and trust
Now hiding behind religion to seek reasons to justify his ungodly behaviours
The world seeks answers …

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