When Mars was born
His love for Venus was known
When Jesus was born
His love for man was shown
For no being could forge a hand to clone his majestic heart filled with agape over-flown
With my eyes shut and knees kissing the face of the ground
Portraying a beautiful sacrifice with arms wide open extending my soul and allowing my heart to chant a harmonious sound
Love was found
A beautiful portrait that compliments the birth of a child
A heavenly image like when the moon eclipses the sun
Two celestial forces combined by divinity
Him & her
You & I
Gaze into my eye while I submerge in your heart
Don’t try to save me
Let me drown in your love while you drink from that golden chalice
the crystal that’ll leave you drunk in love
Since I’ve drowned in love I realised that it’s futile to fall in love
So I want you and I to rise in love
Love each other unconditionally and rise above
And fulfil the written prophesy that we will eat, pray, love… #HappyValentinesDayToYou

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5 thoughts on “I’VE LOVED YOU SINCE

  1. Nompumelelo Matsenjwa

    Beautiful piece 🙂 …. Happy Valentine’s day to yew too

  2. phindile maritz

    Nice 1 bro, hpe u enjoyin ur valentine!

  3. shamo

    wow, dat was beautiful n intense, I wud hav never thot 2 describe love like dat, amazing, I’m speechless

  4. Kind Gratitude to you 3 Beautiful ladies: Mpumeh, Rita & Shamo 🙂
    Massive blessings to The Chosen Poet

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