Like an artist on a canvas painting picture perfect portraits of spiritual purity unparalleled by earthly paralysis
A perfect apocalypse of hatred, fury and rage
Conserved on naked textures of a page
To record a beginning of a new age
The birth of beauty and love
I just wanna write a poem to single out the plural particulars of your imperfect being
Like piano keys I want my fingers to press on your precious keys to produce a beautiful melody that will curse out this melancholy and bring out the perfect opposite of my phlegmatic being
I wanna be the sanguine that’ll sing you songs that send out signals to the stars so that your soul could sensitize the most sensitive parts of your body systems
I want your soul to swim in my ocean of sentiments
Side by side you and I hand in hand
Poetry being the name of our brand
I want you to hold my hand as my brain tries to mend the broken pieces of society
I wanna heal his wounds with poetry
I wanna write a poem that’ll publish itself and preach in public that people should stop being pessimists
But pursue their inborn passions and develop like four room houses that are now mansions
Lest we forget to mention the satisfaction that comes with taking action
I want our voices to be an attraction to wondering minds
Not by just luring them with our beautiful rhymes
But keeping them in tune with the changing of times
I wanna write a poem with a relevant meaning
A poem that will make every man a master of metaphors who’s in touch with his inner being
I wanna write a poem that’ll help communities comprehend complex concepts and conceptualise complex comments on complex contents in casual conversations covering controversial cascades of occult crusades
Political parades that paralyse the purity of our society
I wanna write a poem that’ll make poets question the intensity of their own poetry so they could evaluate the impact of their written and spoken words
I’m not trying to eradicate poverty but I am trying to write a poem that’ll plenish positivity in modern community
For only positive thoughts are born out of a positive mind
And a positive mind dwells within a body that is saturated with a positive soul
I am just a poet and I just wanna write a poem that’ll change the world …

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4 thoughts on “I JUST WANNA WRITE A POEM

  1. WOOOOW! beautiful! you have written a poem that will challenge poets to write poems that have effect! thanx 🙂

  2. The vocabulary is quite overwhelming, poets and others writers might have the most crystal clear meaning of this piece others can’t fanthom it, great piece. Once more, i love the word play and ”your new” style of writing, it’s a tad bit impressive. Brilliant work buddy
    I love it

    Mr Maluleke

  3. witness

    U just wrote a beautiful poem indeed…

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