Hold my hand as we take a lifelong journey to a world never seen but only in dreams
Let our bodies embark on an expedition of soulful expression as prophesied in creation
Where our religions infuse in our traditions
Creating everlasting joyful expressions
Captured in megapixels of momentous memory manufacturing music mosaics that amaze the miniature mind through his eye
Let it be I that leads your path to the land of soulful riches with joy, peace and love disposed in abundance
As this love is in cadence
We will make love under the blinded sky and the stars will be our audience
Let us not be derailed by any circumstance
For I have been moved from my normal state and now I’ve reached a trance
Like an asian monk this moment I take a stance
Laying myself in front of thy sword subjecting my soul as a spiritual sacrifice
The revelation of my heart has since become clear to me
An epiphany from which my thoughts have since been shaped by thee
Tender moments of delicacy
The beauty of having you as mine
and me as yours
I am now ready to harvest all the time spent on nurturing this beautiful thing we possess
Beauty that can only be appreciated by two souls
Connected by the desire to have each other for eternal pleasures
Hearts that dance only to the sound of each other’s calls
Beat to the rhythm of each other’s happiness
And swing along to the contentment that comes with it all

Hold my hand as we wonder in the wilderness, seeking the path that leads us to each other’s hearts …

hold my hand

hold my hand

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2 thoughts on “HOLD MY HAND

  1. phindile maritz

    Nyc 1 khaya, mde me mis my bedroon wit ma ada half

  2. xolelwa

    Nice one mntase. Made me miss Malinge wam.

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