I am a monument of mischief
A mastermind of mind-fucks
A mesomorph of misery who knows nothing but deceiving charm and missionary
An emotional mercenary who’s mesmerised by his own maliciousness
I am mindless of humaneness
Henceforth I am deemed an agent of loneliness
Holyness is my front but hornyness is my order of business
I am a positive influence of negative subdues
I am subliminal
Minimal survive my sting of falling for temptation after starring me in the eye
My voice whispers a beautiful lie
With “I LOVE YOU” as the most deceptive line
I want you to be mine
I want your soul to be under my command till the end of time

Can your resist my charm?
Try to resist my charm and have the worst experience of time

Who am I is not important to you than what am I
So what am I?

I am your reflection
A proud version of your shame
A loud version of your silence
A public figure of your secrets
The outside of the closet you decided to trap yourself in
I am out here
Ready to embrace you with the love  you’ll never receive from those who claim to love you
I am your family
The only thing that will forever suit that definition at any given time
No matter the mood
I am your emotional state
The impulsiveness within that leads you to the paths of enchanted bliss
I am that deadly kiss
The kind of bliss you never want to miss
The kind of temptation you hardly ever resist
That dirty thought you don’t ever want to dismiss

I hold the torch that brings the light to your deep seated darkness
I am the blossoming flower in your gardern of fears
I want you to embrace me
Cherish me with all your being
For I have limited your mind to believing that nothing else in this world exists either than me
I am your perishing prosperity
The one that brings forth a plethora of possible impossibilities
The negative side of your brain that breeds beast bacteria to combat positivity
The cataract that caught your third eye
The sickness that persists through your bloodline
Fuck me very hard and together we will give birth to a very convincing piece of foul
A philosophy with no ground
A belief that bypasses the mind

I am your very own self built mental prison and …
My name is IGNORANCE.

                                                                                                                                                                                                K.NGUDU: 22/7/2014
                                                                                                                                                                                                 NguduThePoet aka The-Voice


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2 thoughts on “MY NAME IS IGNORANCE

  1. lola ngudu

    Interesting piece and choice of words. Nice.

  2. ZANDI


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