Jeans so skinny
Hairstyles tranny
Attitudes trashy and
Their souls are scary

Manhood flushed in flashy fishtail fashion fairytales
Exposing his fuckable flesh
While claiming to be fresh
Forgive me for seemingly speaking french
But I have a bone to pick with the latest fashion trends that have seen masculine figures go soft to the core with their souls gone yellow around the edges
This has nothing to do with bible verses
But I simply abominate men who carry purses,
cosmetic bags and make up cases with unjustified cockiness
Self actualization gone wrong
Discord making up most parts of the song
Harmonies of helium gas fill up the atmosphere as the world pulls fake smiles to our faces
Mockery towards your fake lashes and asses
Young lady how sentimental are your centimetres,
Do they have any effect on your six senses,
Or are they a disruption from your changing faces???

I once considered using magnifying lenses to zoom into your inner being
But I soon realised that you are shallow and superficial
All that mattered to you was what appealed to the facial
The apparel that masks the troubled soul inside
Crying for help so loud causing his master to hide
Chronicles of a child who refused to abide
Now an adult who is unable to decide
Peer pressures and social effects easily influence a weak mind

What happened to your dreams of being a beautiful bride
Were they perhaps swallowed by your swelling sense of calamitous pride
Promoted by your facebook profile pictures and  twitpics that excited even the filthiest mind
Exposing your fuckable flesh for likes and thirsty complements
Devaluing your soul and subjecting yourself to being a subject of ridicule ???

No expensive piece of clothing can cover up shame
It is time you realised that the world doesnt care and that his smiles are pretentious
Let your conscience awaken and realise that contrary to popular belief,
You are a soul with a body and not the other way round
Thus strengthening the fact that you hold more value within than any eye can determine based on what is presented on your skin
Let the truth sink in so that wisdom may kick in
For our “world” perishes not with our passing
But perpetuates with our offspring
Our teachings and preachings will be woven into their reincarnated souls
And our voices will be echoing as their guiding spirits
Let voice of reason be the reason you break down the walls of this long standing mental prison…
And let the voices of Steve Biko define in you a new meaning of self pride
Let Chinua Achebe’s philosophy build you up as things fall apart
And let Madiba’s long walk to freedom pave your path to a cultured mind
For you now will be leading the blind to a land where they can envision their dreams like Luther King Jr, Gandhi and John Dee, Da Vinci, Nostradamus, Montessori and Chanel and all the other visionaries that have walked this life and marked their permanent footnotes
The future is in your hands
And the only way to control it is if you start owning your life
So own your life!!!

                                                                                                                            K.Ngudu aka The-Voice

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