Sticks and stones bruised her soul

She has emotional scars to show

Words that cut deeper than the blades she used to slay her wrists in one yet another failed attempt to succeed in life left her lifeless

Breathless moments fuelled by restless mindsets manufactured over minutes of frozen time

Lost in a maze that can only be magnified by his manipulative mind

She mumbles metaphors without meaning but purpose

Musical notes and cords can’t soothe her pain anymore

She’s on her death bed

Pregnant with disappointments

The only voice she hears is the one that echoes regret,

The one that laughs to scorn and the one that whispers faith

But that one is suppressed

For she has become numb to everything that inspires her being beyond the flesh

Principles and passions flew out the window when they lured her in pursuit of her panties

Pain was a just a small price to pay for the timely popularity and prestige

Now labelled as a bitch

Disowned even by those who used to scream “money money money” with her while she was messing with a married man

Sipping from expensive bottles of venom in celebration of fake success

Achieving mischief with misguided intent

Blowing money that never reflected on any bank statement

While her family gradually grew distant

Her life used to be potent but now it’s just a story with sad content

Education is important

Structured or unstructed

Kuyanyanzeleka iingqondo sizivule to the universal truths that circulate our consience

For being a victim of circumstance is never ideal

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One thought on “WINDOW PAIN

  1. I’m speechless because I see me and lots of other people I know in this. Uncanny!

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