I saw her flirting with death once

Dancing with venom in her gutt

Stripping her soul and flashing her butt

Even though she repeated the same mistake twice

Three times a lady she remained in my eyes


I loved her once

I loved her twice

Three times was just too muchness for me to start giving up on what we had

Constantly she would invade my thoughts and start messing with my head

I allowed it ’cause I enjoyed being stupid in love with her

Nothing fascinated me about her more than her hair

She was an angel that could convince a god that he belongs to hell

I knew that through her eyes when she gave me a stare

I loved her too much and it was too much to bear

My heart would beat with hers and I could feel her pains

It tore me apart when I couldn’t wipe her tears

I knew her dreams, fantasies and fears

I was part of hers as she was part of mine

Thats why I wanted to make her permanently mine

Cruel intentions aside

Her smile, her legs and everything else in between made me go against everything I believed

Love becomes blind when out of lust it was conceived

And becomes dangerous when it is easily received


Little she devil knew how to play my balls and tickle the most sensitive parts

Explicit as it sounds believe me when I say it was pleasurable and fun

I held her in my arms till the rising of the sun

She whispered in my ear and promised me a son

My blood boiled as the passions went up high

Passion of the christ was nothing compared to mine

The future was bright and glittering with shine

Even though it is said that not all that glitters is gold

But she was a fine kind placed on my palms

I felt so blessed I found myself reciting the whole book of king David’s psalms

The devil in me was praising almighty Allah

Speaking in tongues and calling out the eye of RA

Deep in a trance my soul impregnated hers and we both travelled afar

That was the moment my chakras aligned

God whispered in my ear and removed all my fear

Gasping for air was not an option at this moment

For I was content with my state of being

Dead in her arms

Cum feeding her womb

Souls connecting and soul ties getting tighter and tighter and tighter

The she devil met the he devil and the mathematical equation began

Two wrongs don’t make a right, yeah right!

Believe what you want but we became a perfect pair

The Isis and Osiris kind

With love so tender and mild

And sex so sexy and wild

I hardly had her out of my mind

For I knew if I lost her she wouldn’t be easy to find

Even death wouldn’t keep us apart

“She Devil”]image[/caption]

NguduThePoet via

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3 thoughts on “SHE DEVIL

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  2. thandile. nteta

    Powerful stuff, bt then again u never ceaze 2 amaze me. Way 2 go man!!!

  3. Lola Ngudu

    No one makes me proud like you do. This is art, beautiful; I’ve just read a part of my past right now. Thank you for sharing your gift with us.

    Happy birthday 🙂

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