I feel like writing poetry

If only I can get a pen and a page

I would plot breed something worthy of a mic and a stage

I would link worlds and ideas like a bird freed from a cage

I would rewrite an old story to fit in this new age

‘Cause I have a dream more colourful than that of Martin

A vision that matches that one of Marcus

And a soul richer than that of Marvin

‘Cause my evolution could not be explained by Darwin

 I’m a breed that was cut from a cloth whose fabric cannot be found anymore

Hence I believe that I’m tailor made

Unique in mind, body and soul

Confident in thought, posture and sound

With my holy trinity rooted in the true origins of completeness

Guided by the laws of Ma’at

Aset, Heru, Amun-Ra

I wear a status symbol of conscious thought

Representing the overlooked calibre of free thinkers

Men and women who are titled “non believers”

For they don’t conform to norms of those who aren’t pro melanin

Shot dead by agents for being true to their melanin

Cultured brothers and sisters who speak in tones that shake the earth and ressurect the truth

For their truth unsettles the tombs of those burried deep with the aim to perpetuate feeble

Religious mimes of a theatrical parade with a perfect masquerade

With soft voices they took my people with a perfect serenade

Turned them into animals and treated them as renegade

Distorted their history and made them retrograde

If only I could get a pen and a page

I would drizzle all my rage

Rewrite the bible and define a new age

Open up your conscious eye and rub out all the white lies

Stencil all the scripts and magnify the fine lines

And preach the truth that advocates for black lives

‘Cause I’m a soldier of change

A comrade of life free from carnage

With ideas to free souls from bondage

Through verses spread on a page and a stage

If I could get a pen and a page

I would really write a poem that would force you to change

Renounce all the caustic modern and revert back to the ancient vintage

Worship the truth and value the ankh

Rebuild your kindoms and reclaim your thrones

Make reference to the carvings on the khoi san and egyptian stones

Be more connected to nature than you are with your phones

Be more loyal unto Ra than you are to bank loans

And love thyself more than you love all this earthly bullshit



NguduThePoet via wordpress.com

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  1. Welcome back, you outdid it. Excellent scribble

  2. Blaq King May

    Love at first sight,
    Powerful piece indeed: a masterpiece.
    You are so much of an artist; you made me draw pictures freely upon my imagination.
    Well constructed.


  3. Wow its amazing… Well done Khaya

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