Hold my hand as we take a lifelong journey to a world never seen but only in dreams
Let our bodies embark on an expedition of soulful expression as prophesied in creation
Where our religions infuse in our traditions
Creating everlasting joyful expressions
Captured in megapixels of momentous memory manufacturing music mosaics that amaze the miniature mind through his eye
Let it be I that leads your path to the land of soulful riches with joy, peace and love disposed in abundance
As this love is in cadence
We will make love under the blinded sky and the stars will be our audience
Let us not be derailed by any circumstance
For I have been moved from my normal state and now I’ve reached a trance
Like an asian monk this moment I take a stance
Laying myself in front of thy sword subjecting my soul as a spiritual sacrifice
The revelation of my heart has since become clear to me
An epiphany from which my thoughts have since been shaped by thee
Tender moments of delicacy
The beauty of having you as mine
and me as yours
I am now ready to harvest all the time spent on nurturing this beautiful thing we possess
Beauty that can only be appreciated by two souls
Connected by the desire to have each other for eternal pleasures
Hearts that dance only to the sound of each other’s calls
Beat to the rhythm of each other’s happiness
And swing along to the contentment that comes with it all

Hold my hand as we wonder in the wilderness, seeking the path that leads us to each other’s hearts …

hold my hand

hold my hand

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I would wake up every morning with a paint brush in my hand and a dream in my head and you by my side
I would watch your beautiful image immersed in peaceful sleep and gently rub my fingers down your skin just to remind myself what perfection feels like
I would kiss your lips slowly with the aim to embrace every detail our affection entails
I would tell tales of fairies and gods and how poets transformed ordinary feelings and words into phenomenal masterpieces of metaphorical messages that massage our emotions to reveal a new meaning
I would describe a whole day in one simple portrait from how the sun rises till it’s setting and all the moments in between
While in the darkness of the night your tongue and mine divvy the details of our temples trying to determine destiny
I would look into your eyes and reach out for your soul …

I would look into your eyes
And reach out for your soul
Illuminating every corner
To unearth all the things you hid
In the depths of your heart
I would show you that
I could see the things
That you failed to see in yourself
I would bind your fragmented spirit
And soften your hardened soul
I would break the architectural masterpiece
That you meticulously built around your heart
I would fill the abyss your heart had become
With my cascading love
If I could paint a picture of our love with words
I would make you my muse
Because the sight of you
Takes my breath away
Leaving no words
To complete the picture
I had envisioned
Yet every moment that I spend
In the midst of your magical presence
Proves to be more capturing
Than the static picture
I have relentlessly attempted to paint

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Like an artist on a canvas painting picture perfect portraits of spiritual purity unparalleled by earthly paralysis
A perfect apocalypse of hatred, fury and rage
Conserved on naked textures of a page
To record a beginning of a new age
The birth of beauty and love
I just wanna write a poem to single out the plural particulars of your imperfect being
Like piano keys I want my fingers to press on your precious keys to produce a beautiful melody that will curse out this melancholy and bring out the perfect opposite of my phlegmatic being
I wanna be the sanguine that’ll sing you songs that send out signals to the stars so that your soul could sensitize the most sensitive parts of your body systems
I want your soul to swim in my ocean of sentiments
Side by side you and I hand in hand
Poetry being the name of our brand
I want you to hold my hand as my brain tries to mend the broken pieces of society
I wanna heal his wounds with poetry
I wanna write a poem that’ll publish itself and preach in public that people should stop being pessimists
But pursue their inborn passions and develop like four room houses that are now mansions
Lest we forget to mention the satisfaction that comes with taking action
I want our voices to be an attraction to wondering minds
Not by just luring them with our beautiful rhymes
But keeping them in tune with the changing of times
I wanna write a poem with a relevant meaning
A poem that will make every man a master of metaphors who’s in touch with his inner being
I wanna write a poem that’ll help communities comprehend complex concepts and conceptualise complex comments on complex contents in casual conversations covering controversial cascades of occult crusades
Political parades that paralyse the purity of our society
I wanna write a poem that’ll make poets question the intensity of their own poetry so they could evaluate the impact of their written and spoken words
I’m not trying to eradicate poverty but I am trying to write a poem that’ll plenish positivity in modern community
For only positive thoughts are born out of a positive mind
And a positive mind dwells within a body that is saturated with a positive soul
I am just a poet and I just wanna write a poem that’ll change the world …

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When Mars was born
His love for Venus was known
When Jesus was born
His love for man was shown
For no being could forge a hand to clone his majestic heart filled with agape over-flown
With my eyes shut and knees kissing the face of the ground
Portraying a beautiful sacrifice with arms wide open extending my soul and allowing my heart to chant a harmonious sound
Love was found
A beautiful portrait that compliments the birth of a child
A heavenly image like when the moon eclipses the sun
Two celestial forces combined by divinity
Him & her
You & I
Gaze into my eye while I submerge in your heart
Don’t try to save me
Let me drown in your love while you drink from that golden chalice
the crystal that’ll leave you drunk in love
Since I’ve drowned in love I realised that it’s futile to fall in love
So I want you and I to rise in love
Love each other unconditionally and rise above
And fulfil the written prophesy that we will eat, pray, love… #HappyValentinesDayToYou

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Conversations with conscious minds to mediate between the conflicts created by confusing matters of the heart
Heart to heart moments to create soul to soul connections while the mind reveals soil to soil confessions
Drawing confusing conclusions for confused minds fail to untangle simplicity
The complexity of simple subjects has paved the path for a common trend called stupidity
Where humans feast on another human’s short fall
This is a social call
I’m calling all conscious minds who breathe and breed on top of this soil
To engage in meaningful mental conversations to revive purpose in perishing souls
Mind over matter is an idiom that needs to be used to shape human psychology and help them realise their reality
Conversations with conscious minds to communicate the messages left to decompose in hidden trenches of many ignorant minds who camouflage behind arrogance influenced by earthly prestige
False facades that fade when the face of the earth looks away from sun
Ashes to ashes
Dust to dust
May his mind be forever covered in rust for he failed to mould a man out of his son and now he can’t define between love and lust
Faith and trust
Now hiding behind religion to seek reasons to justify his ungodly behaviours
The world seeks answers …

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Pictures of painted principles placed in plastic pedestals of purple mansions built by hands of plasma fashioned architects with palms of paedophiles whose pains penetrate pulmonary pressure points producing un-sounding purity
Receiving praise and poetry from people residing in properties hidden from the darkness of the light but yet seek the light by following the dark directions that give false directives like fake detectives who failed to detect a fake identity thus compromising indemnity and not realising the intensity of the danger imposed upon a country with compromised security
Compromised by cons who throw coins to gain access to pose and impose while they dispose
This shit we must expose
A puppet-like government has no effect I suppose
Through them we blindly string along as puppets pulled with a string straight to the sting of this thing that has made me see my neighbour as a evil being
I need fruits and vegetables, water and all natures variables to restore myself into being one of natures valuables
I smoke a blunt to blow away all my troubles and forget all about struggles while the rest of the world continues to tumble and crumble but with a straight face they tell you to stay humble
Apologetic is what I refuse to be
For my mission is to make you people open your eyes see
That having a vision is what merely makes you to be
And despite all of this division we still need to stay close to thee
For our last breath on earth is only determined by he!
Seek ye the light…

Mathew 6 v33… KJV

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ODE TO MADIBA: by Kayalabo Ngudu @NguduThePoet

A mastermind of monumental metaphors
With a Law degree
He used his decree
To emancipate the minds of the mistreated and misguided
With the hope to unite a nation that was divided

Nelson Rholihlahla Mandela
Unyana ka Gadla ebaThenjini
Kwilali yaseMvezo apho inkaba yeGorha ileli khona
Iphuma esinqeni sikamam’uNosekeni owasizalel’umongameli

Words alone are not enough to describe your well built figure and affluent intellect
But your actions and humanity proved to the world that open hands birth humility and forgiveness overcomes tranquillity and that colour cannot dictate unity and equality

Twenty-seven years of your incarceration saw a break of a new dawn of a new democracy free of bureaucracy
A nation standing together to filter fact from fallacy
Killing anarchy
Now we work hand in hand trying to build the bridges once burnt
And by your hand we continue to tower the African continent with compliments from our neighbouring continents

As we now wave our flag with pride
And the sun shining down on us
The ripple images of its shadow replicate your fist folded reflections
Chanting slogans that affirm and proclaim that the African land is now reclaimed
Now heaven proclaims you Tata as one of his own twinkling stars shining brighter in the skies for your children whom you so dearly loved

Echoing your words now is the new generation of gifted young children
Born into the democracy brought forth by you and your comrades via a congress that dedicates itself to selfless struggle
And we shall never defer from your dream of a free and fair South Africa
For you have declared that
“Never! Never! And Never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another !!!”

Rest In Peace Ngqolomsila, Yem Yem, Vela bambhentsele…..
Aaaaah Dalibhunga!!!!!!

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At first she was my love
Or so I thought for she seemed like a blessing from above
A woman with a dichotomy mind that is in perfect insync with the atrioventricular chambers of her loving heart
Magnetic eyes with forces that evolve in strength with her every glance
Her smile evokes my most erotic emotions
I experienced many different sensations when I ran my fingers down her extensions
My face portrayed different expressions that resulted in many explanations that mortal minds failed to manifest to comprehend
So I was left to pretend in order to compensate for the type of feelings withheld
As I held her in my hand
She dominated my hand and took over my space and my land
So I was left pacing like a boy in a marching band
Her love for me and mine for her managed to make me stand
On twitter it made me trend
For every single love note I wrote evolved into beautiful poetry with magnificent metaphors that magnify her magnificence
Her womb cultivated and bred a fruitful seed and gave me proof that I can also breed
Her womanhood completed my manhood in a way that enhanced our livelihood and gave us admiration around the neighbourhood
Even when I was not in her mood
I still felt the desire to do her good
For she was the most deserving being I’ve ever known

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DREW: If it Hurts for being Beautiful, am so sure you will die in Pain.
You have that beauty that brings out happiness and eases the inner pain.
Your smile gives courage of falling in love again.
Outrageous feelings of unbreakable chain.
Chain of joy that brings peace like drops of rain
Your love melts my heart and sends rainbow like colours to my brain.
Let alone my blood runs at a speed of an electric train.
Together, our bond is as strong as a sugar cane
You take me to places that I really can’t explain
You always find it in you to contain my nonsense, my composure I regain. You are the blessed dove of peace that makes it all be at ease.

NGUDU: You are a masterpiece
A heavenly work of art
Carved by the most dominant hand of the righteous man above
Moulded and shaped out of love
Pure and innocent love
Virgin like love that lifts souls into a higher level above
A place close to divinity
A place close to a woman’s virginity
Where her womanhood is not determined on the basis of her vulnerability
Nor the state of her fleshy virginity
You are a woman of integrity
The gaze of your eye combined with the whip of your tongue completed by the walk in your stride
Commands dignity
Your beauty seeks no earthly validity
For human tongues upon your head have only salivated stupidity
You are a natural commodity
A precious gem stone planet earth has ever treasured
An artefact that is desired by every man’s hand
Even though they struggle to handle you
Yet they still work towards receiving your hand
They fail to understand the reason why when you enter the temple they should stand
But I understand
You were woman enough to rise above all adversity and among gods you took a stand!!!

Collaboration piece by @NguduThePoet and @drewThePoet dedicated to all the beautiful women/goddesses out there



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After God, the Cherubs and the Angels Then came me, man
Carefully chiselled and designed to his detail
For my mind, body and soul to entail
A portion of his wisdom and divinity unsurpassed
But it looks like that pleasure has passed
It was all in the past
Now humans don’t last
In their own land they live in fear and no trust
Humanity taken over by animosity
Humility converted into humiliation
Is it all because of Globalisation?
I don’t know
Your guess is as clueless as mine
‘Cause my brain has failed to function at it’s fullest potential
They say wisdom comes with age
But with the number of brain cells I lose everyday as I age
I doubt I’ll ever grow young again and reclaim my wisdom age
So for my own sanity
I record every major event that occurs in the fissures of my occiput on a page
Hoping that God will not cast upon my head his fury and rage
By prematurely erasing my archives and leaving me a blank page
A sorry image of a breeding species that can’t decide between a savage and a sage
A piece of matter that finds no value over words written on a page
Lord make me human and unlock my cage
Eden was my first home and that’s the part of my root I want to reclaim
So allow my mind, body and soul with yours to engage
For your wisdom is what I believe I need in order to put value on a blank page
Thus turn a savage into a sage
And unlock this human cage
That has trapped many masters into believing that their minds have limits
Fearing their own potential has now gotten them timid
Now the blurred image of their heavenly future is less vivid
For they chose to zoom in with the human eye and not their spiritual eye
I guess they’ve been mislead by the falsified earthly gospels that fall of a mouth of material masters who claim to have smoked the pipe that gives man the natural high
Fuck human induced mediocrity human stand up and fly
For your imaginary wings can carry you as far as your imagination goes
Only if you get off your heels and stand on your toes
Close your human eyes and breathe through your nose
To exhale the lies and humanise what your haters dehumanised
Your mind has been neutralised
Careful consideration for what class of conversation you subscribe to is imperative
For only your conscious mind can filter out the bullshit, extract only the positive and leave out the negative
Brothers and Sisters
Fathers and Mothers
Sons and Daughters
Children and Orphans
Servants and Masters
Reverends and Pastors
Prayers and Fasters
Nubians, Caucasians
Lesbians and Gays
The preaching is done
Stand out of the fucking rest and be the best HUMAN you can be!!!

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So out of a very captivating conversation following a phenomenal poetry spectacle, a question emerges, a very insight seeking type of question. Digging deep into ones consciousness and intellect serves as the only means to measure the magnitude of the intent behind the potency of the question. Her eyes interlocked with mine, lips within perfect speech sharing position, hot air blowing out of our nostrils breathing life into the purpose of our conversation, she motions her lips and proposes speech, softly she asks “what inspires you to write poetry?”

In my attempt to give a profound reply, my subconscious takes a trip down memory lane. The year was 2003, the month was that of commercial love and romance and I at the time was just a high school boy who was at the prime of his teenage years, exploring was my game and making new discoveries was my goal. New love was in order with a certain girl in my class and it is because of her that I got introduced to poetry. Not because I wanted to write her beautiful poetry to sweep her off her feet nor quote Shakespear to soothe her ear, instead I followed her to the school library one afternoon and the next moment I found myself sitting in at what appeared to be a poetry session and to my awe I discovered that she was a poetess.

Exactly five hours after that astonishing discovery and wonderful experience my first poem was born and funny enough she was the subject, she was the inspiration behind the poem and ultimately she became the sperm that fertilised the poetic ovum that was already ripe inside of me and that poetry session I followed her to was the nourishment and catalyst to the pregnancy that resulted to such a delivery prematurely matured.

She ignited the flame and you (yes you reading this) kept the fire burning. People in general, their situations, challenges and triumphs, ideas and ideals, lives and lies, money and moods and general views have over the years continued to motivate me into putting down pen onto paper, thus documenting fragments of my thoughts into beautifully constructed literature that is moulded in verses and stanzas that contain poetic content.

So I looked her in the eye and softly but boldly replied to her and said “I wish I wrote poetry”. She looked at me with a confused eye and I took her out of her momentary confusion by saying “I do not write poetry but poetry writes me instead”. I have reached a realisation that poets do not become poets because they write poetry but poetry in itself defines a poet and poetry produces a poet.
So for I have allowed myself to become a product of the art, I now claim the title of artist and now art reproduces it’s own evolution through my hand,mind, voice and holistic being, hence I am called NGUDU-THE-POET!

Now I believe that you know who is the Poetry behind the Poet, if not then follow me on twitter @NguduThePoet for continued updates… Word!!!

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A stranger to the eye
Who became the apple of his eye
Her soul longed to waltz out of the body and land in the arms of his
Warned not to go there
Not to let the heart be swept off
Not to dwell on the possibility of a happy forever after
Fuck it she said
The heart wants what the heart wants
Jump into the fire now
Burnt fingers later

Silent was her conscience to his purpose
Kaleidoscope of emotions was her fuel and his downfall
Silent was her conscience to his purpose or rather his purpose to her conscience

Who gives a fuck about warnings
When the only connection is layered upon fatal feelings
Soulful fittings Timeless shiftings Emotions cascading on cushioned souls with fragile hearts that can’t decide whether to love or lust
but whatever it is
they want it to last

Like snakes shedding their skin
clothes discarded as though they serve no purpose
They just serve as shackles holding back the beauty of spirits inter-twining with a few ooooohs and aaaaaaahs
Ignited by her blind passion

The deeper he goes, the deeper she falls.
Down low she fell as his passion she felt when his spear he lashed
All negativity condemned
Lack of passion be damned Stripping naked without being ashamed, while exploring certain passions un-named
Beautiful melodies they made with the beautiful vibrations they claimed what is the beauty of love without hurt and what is the beauty of hurt without love?

“You are mine” ” I am yours” uttered by her
As she sees the beauty of the world in his eyes
The sun becomes the enemy
Keeping hearts from dancing to the rhythm of their music
Pumping harder than their owners….
A blast from the past
he texts, she smiles, she reads, she cries, wrong recipient….

Chants of gregorian symphonies ringing as they create everlasting memories never lasting
love overflowing while they’re souls are drowning
his arms weakened ’cause her soul is crippled and now their love dies before it’s wrinkled
Her love dying before it’s wrinkled saves her many sleepless nights crying
Tears nourishing the memories tucked into each wrinkle
As fingers trace the wrinkles
each memory awakens and hurts her anew.
Blasphemous thanks to the gods unknown for the gift and the curse of his warm arms.
Like the sound of a gun banging at the back of his ear
So is the sound of her tear and her voice crystal clear
A relationship less than a year
doomed and now he lives in fear
for her tear may no longer cleanse his conscience clear
A bag full of fear
she stands at the door
looks back, sheds a tear
and bows to the teacher that taught her how to love and lose
how to lose love
how to love loosely and just let loose
He that was her all and took her all
Now he’s left a Boy without a Girl…

Composed by: @NguduThePoet & @Mak_Nemz

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I remember my first words of affection at age 10
Coming out of a mouth of a young innocent boy
Who knew nothing about the politics and logistics of love
But the pure and honest feeling yielded deep within
But shielded by the fear inflicted by society
Standards set out by those who existed before I in my community
Young beautiful girl heavenly moulded to my soul’s preference
I spoke of flowers, the moon and the stars at your reference
At age 10
Looking at you and getting butterflies in my stomach was the cutest feeling ever
Listening to my heart singing a harmonious tune
Self composed by and through the beauty in the look of your eye and the sparkle in your smile
I felt like a man ’cause then I thought I knew how to love
I had your name tattooed in every single page I went through ’cause that is the only thing I preferred to read
The times I spent working out the strength of our love through BEACHFILMS
While you in your music book were busy with bright colourful highlights
Highlighting my name as the one you love and would like to be the father of your child
Little did we both know that this thing called time quickly fast forwards
Forcing one to grow beyond their own imagination
To a point where they reach a realisation
That there is something called an Erection
Depression and Frustration
All components of love education
As an aftermath of un-meaningful penetration
Now 10 years later I feel like a god
And that egotistic feeling gives no shit of your view of me as a dog
All childhood honesty is dead and gone
Lost with my virginity was my heart’s sensitivity to love
Now as the biophysiological haemodynamic shift occurs as nature intended
Shifting my blood pull down low to my genitals
My brain now functions at that level
The adult in me has now embraced adultery whole heartedly
Even though the little boy is crying out loud begging to be released
So that he may experience pure love again
The adult resists
Amazing how one can grow into a hypocrite
Society’s norms and ease of access to the forbidden fruit have now taken dominion over how I comprehend love
Love at first sight remains an unjustified childhood fairytale for now I love at first bite
No more BEACHFILMS and Music Books
But flirtatious texts over social media platforms
Exchange of nude pictures is now more religious than exchanging of smiles and sweet words
The young innocent boy and this man now live in different worlds
The one world still embraces beauty, love and woman as a special flower
While the other has objectised the woman into a glorified erection reliever
Respect and admiration flushed down the drain
“I love you” now whispered through alcohol scented breaths because it’s not heartfelt anymore
As long as I hook up her digits and treat her to a drink or two
I’m guaranteed to hit that
And when I’m done with that I ditch that
Nigga what is that?
One on one conversations are essential with the man on the mirror
Especially for us men and women of this era
Because honestly we can’t continue to live in this perpetual error
‘Cause the idea of intimate relationships and marriage without love only spells terror …



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Our Father who art in heaven

Hallowed be thy name a little less than earthly idols who swag in Gucci jeans and Armani shirts
Promoting illuminatic trends

Thy kingdom come for faith in human souls is gone
And love in human hearts is gone
Thus their view of you is far from the throne

Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven

Give us this day our daily bread
Our daily dose of your word
So we may remember the value of the blood that you bled

Like Lazarus whom you gave life
The Israelites whom you gave bread
King Solomon, David, Thomas and all those who transgressed against your son in the ere testament
Please forgive us our trespasses
For we have failed and continue to fail to forgive those who hurt us and cripple our souls by cursing at us and break our hearts by cheating on us in the name of earthly love
May you take them to the level above
So their eyes may be opened and souls purified like a dove

And lead us not into temptation

But deliver us from evil
In a divine way better than the Dandridge hooked brothers were delivered from Eva

For thy is thee never ending Kingdom

Thy power supersedes the proclaimed power of Egyptian gods combined and all earthly nuclear reactors and military forces combined

So that is why you deserve to be glorified

Forever and Ever



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Before Judas deceived Jesus
He gave curse to religion and destroyed the act of believing and paying of legions to the one above all religions by segmenting regions into sections of mentals disbelieving in the hand that is constantly giving significant meaning to our purpose of living without deceiving our reason for believing as opposed to the earthly proclaimed enlightened
Creating a world of men and women who are short sighted
With brains narrow minded in thought
Only believing whatever they’re taught or rather whatever they’re told

Deserting written scriptures was the first death of earth’s most dominant creatures
Stories of twisted theories by inhuman theorists who spent time devising tactics to waste your time studying theorems impractical with reasonings irrational resulting in wisdom un-national
Now you cry to nationalise what you fail to rationalise according to rations outside the borders of racial relations
Only holding fast to futile relationships that end up in ridiculous rejections
Fuck I hate the word revolution
So that is why I retaliate with rhymes and rhythms
Creating room for reason
Breaking chains of our mental prison
It’s time for changing of season

The revolts and riots that resulted to rifles and revolvers disolving uprisings were more mental than today’s ideal of political
Is it my fault that I was not born during the time of racial riot?
Now it seems that only status attached to name attached to the word “struggle” attached to the name “exile” gets the ultimate prominance in supreme positions of pleasurable power
even though they don’t possess the practical power to propel the purpose of mass interest
They just pursue they’re own private interests
in private jets
for private estates
Abusing public funds
For private fun
Is poverty is a subject of fun?
Who am I to speak?
I’m just a programed version of a human form multi-purpose robot
Thrown in mass mess to function manually to generate good revenue annually
Making more money to owe than to own
I’m the working class so I should be fine!
Even before I reach the end of this poem I know I’ll get a fine
Speaking Truth has now become the worst punishable crime
For we live in a republican state that exercises democracy built on a freedom based upon lies
Fuck the common man’s cries
The TRC was here now gone
Now the ANC dictates the ABC’s of the SABC and the NBC, the GDP, the RDP and now the HIV
Let me detach myself from here and read my NIV
For the only freedom I know is the one of expression in the name of GOD…



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On the 20th of July 2013 at Club Cuba in Welkom Free State Province the stage will be set for a Poetry onslaught of another magnitude.

Traces Of Ink have assembled an Army of Poets, Lyricists, Verbalists and Spoken Word Artist to Kill the Mic on the day.

On the offensive front we have the main act and attraction of the day, a well known and published poetess and performer ……….NTSIKI MAZWAI

Alongside her is the likes of:
And yours trully…… I •THE VOICE

The spectacle starts at 17:00 Central African time GMT+2
Tickets cost R40.

For tickets reservations and any other enquiries please contact Mr CAMAGU telephonically on 0767328437 or via facebook : CAMAGU LITHA BACELA

See Yall There……………………..WORD!!!

Poetry Onslaught

Poetry Onslaught

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When speaking of poetry as an art, poetry as a medium of expression, poetry as an institution to help build minds of the young people of our generation and community, empowering them with content that stimulates their minds and challenges them to look at things and subjects at a different angle thus allowing them to grow, be bold and emancipated, only two words come to my mind, “Bulelwa Basse”.

Bulelwa Basse aka “Sassy” is a Cape Town based poetess, activist, idealist, visionary and founder of “Lyrical Base Project”, an Arts and Culture Organisation that seeks to elevate the profiles of writers from marginalised communities through community publishing projects, performance poetry fused with corporate events.

Through Sassy’s drive and determination and Lyrical Base Project’s vision and philosophy, NguduThePoet got an opportunity to work with Lyrical Base Project and work very closely with Sassy, sharing ideas, visions, ideals and most importantly poetry and their love for empowerment through performing arts.

NguduThePoet shared a number of stages, events and memories with Bulelwa “Sassy” Basse under the banner of Lyrical Base during the time he was still in Cape Town. Some of the events include the South African Poetry Slam in partnership with the British Council SA at the Fuggard Theatre where James Mathews was a guest, National Heritage Celebrations ’12 at the Iziko Museums, Cape Town International Book Fare 2012 held at the CTICC just to mention a few.

Even though circumstances moved NguduThePoet from Cape Town, his relationship with Sassy and the Lyrical Base Family still remains as solid as a marble stone.

You can contact Sassy wrt Lyrical Base
email: bulelwa.basse@gmail.com
facebook: Bulelwa Basse
Blog: lyricalbaseproject.blogspot.com

poetry cafe

poetry cafe

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NguduThePoet aka The Voice as popularly known in Bloemfontein Free State may appear to be a one man army in his plight to rise into the higher platforms of the Poetry and Spoken Word scene but that is not the case.

After relocating from Cape Town to Bloemfontein in August 2012, Ngudu started a new life and acquainted himself with new people and made new friends in Bloem, one of those friends came in the form of a quartet, Bloemfontein’s spoken word and poetry activists, event organisers and humanitarians. This quartet goes and is know by the name of ‘The Archives’.

The Archives Org is a spoken word movement that is composed of the four pillars, four young men, four focused and determined poets, four brothers and friends namely: 1.The Thinking Cap -T’Cap Rasello 2.Mokgethi N_Script Moeketsi 3. Jason Exquizit and 4.Mentallity_Adder .

These 4 brothers have worked tirelessly to promote poetry and spoken word in Free State and have successfully created a massive platform for many poets to showcase their Art and that is where NguduThePoet and The Archive’s relationship jetted off.

Together with The Archives have graced a number of poetic stages around Bloemfontein and have also conducted poetry workshops, the journey is still freshly commenced and more is to be accomplished…………………..WORD!!!

Follow The Archives Org on twitter: @TheArchivesOrg for more updates on their programs and events

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Kayalabo Ngudu aka ‘NguduThePoet’ aka ‘The Voice’ is a Spoken word artist/Poet born and raised in Zwelitsha Township near King Williams Town in the Eastern Cape.

He writes and performs poetry focusing on Social, Religious, Political and Gender Based Themes…

@NguduThePoet on twitter
Ngudu uMGqwashu The-Poet on facebook
nguduthepoet.blogspot.com is my other blog

Pleasurable Business

Pleasurable Business

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The strive to share information and promote social debate through creative art and literature has driven I the poet to this platform to achieve exactly that. This is my second blog page that is aimed at reaching and attracting a much wider spectrum of people.

This blog will not run any differently from my other well known blog http://nguduthepoet.blogspot.com but only for convenience purposes, the two blogs will be linked so as to enhace the effectiveness of the messages sent through my poetry.

Prepare to enjoy mind blowing, brain picking and emotion captivating poetry posts by yours trully Kayalabo Ngudu aka NguduThePoet aka The Voice and live performance updates.

Kindly share this blog, and interact with me also on twitter @NguduThePoet is my handle……

Pleasurable Business

Pleasurable Business

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I feel like writing poetry

If only I can get a pen and a page

I would plot breed something worthy of a mic and a stage

I would link worlds and ideas like a bird freed from a cage

I would rewrite an old story to fit in this new age

‘Cause I have a dream more colourful than that of Martin

A vision that matches that one of Marcus

And a soul richer than that of Marvin

‘Cause my evolution could not be explained by Darwin

 I’m a breed that was cut from a cloth whose fabric cannot be found anymore

Hence I believe that I’m tailor made

Unique in mind, body and soul

Confident in thought, posture and sound

With my holy trinity rooted in the true origins of completeness

Guided by the laws of Ma’at

Aset, Heru, Amun-Ra

I wear a status symbol of conscious thought

Representing the overlooked calibre of free thinkers

Men and women who are titled “non believers”

For they don’t conform to norms of those who aren’t pro melanin

Shot dead by agents for being true to their melanin

Cultured brothers and sisters who speak in tones that shake the earth and ressurect the truth

For their truth unsettles the tombs of those burried deep with the aim to perpetuate feeble

Religious mimes of a theatrical parade with a perfect masquerade

With soft voices they took my people with a perfect serenade

Turned them into animals and treated them as renegade

Distorted their history and made them retrograde

If only I could get a pen and a page

I would drizzle all my rage

Rewrite the bible and define a new age

Open up your conscious eye and rub out all the white lies

Stencil all the scripts and magnify the fine lines

And preach the truth that advocates for black lives

‘Cause I’m a soldier of change

A comrade of life free from carnage

With ideas to free souls from bondage

Through verses spread on a page and a stage

If I could get a pen and a page

I would really write a poem that would force you to change

Renounce all the caustic modern and revert back to the ancient vintage

Worship the truth and value the ankh

Rebuild your kindoms and reclaim your thrones

Make reference to the carvings on the khoi san and egyptian stones

Be more connected to nature than you are with your phones

Be more loyal unto Ra than you are to bank loans

And love thyself more than you love all this earthly bullshit



NguduThePoet via wordpress.com

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I saw her flirting with death once

Dancing with venom in her gutt

Stripping her soul and flashing her butt

Even though she repeated the same mistake twice

Three times a lady she remained in my eyes


I loved her once

I loved her twice

Three times was just too muchness for me to start giving up on what we had

Constantly she would invade my thoughts and start messing with my head

I allowed it ’cause I enjoyed being stupid in love with her

Nothing fascinated me about her more than her hair

She was an angel that could convince a god that he belongs to hell

I knew that through her eyes when she gave me a stare

I loved her too much and it was too much to bear

My heart would beat with hers and I could feel her pains

It tore me apart when I couldn’t wipe her tears

I knew her dreams, fantasies and fears

I was part of hers as she was part of mine

Thats why I wanted to make her permanently mine

Cruel intentions aside

Her smile, her legs and everything else in between made me go against everything I believed

Love becomes blind when out of lust it was conceived

And becomes dangerous when it is easily received


Little she devil knew how to play my balls and tickle the most sensitive parts

Explicit as it sounds believe me when I say it was pleasurable and fun

I held her in my arms till the rising of the sun

She whispered in my ear and promised me a son

My blood boiled as the passions went up high

Passion of the christ was nothing compared to mine

The future was bright and glittering with shine

Even though it is said that not all that glitters is gold

But she was a fine kind placed on my palms

I felt so blessed I found myself reciting the whole book of king David’s psalms

The devil in me was praising almighty Allah

Speaking in tongues and calling out the eye of RA

Deep in a trance my soul impregnated hers and we both travelled afar

That was the moment my chakras aligned

God whispered in my ear and removed all my fear

Gasping for air was not an option at this moment

For I was content with my state of being

Dead in her arms

Cum feeding her womb

Souls connecting and soul ties getting tighter and tighter and tighter

The she devil met the he devil and the mathematical equation began

Two wrongs don’t make a right, yeah right!

Believe what you want but we became a perfect pair

The Isis and Osiris kind

With love so tender and mild

And sex so sexy and wild

I hardly had her out of my mind

For I knew if I lost her she wouldn’t be easy to find

Even death wouldn’t keep us apart

“She Devil”]image[/caption]

NguduThePoet via wordpress.com

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Sticks and stones bruised her soul

She has emotional scars to show

Words that cut deeper than the blades she used to slay her wrists in one yet another failed attempt to succeed in life left her lifeless

Breathless moments fuelled by restless mindsets manufactured over minutes of frozen time

Lost in a maze that can only be magnified by his manipulative mind

She mumbles metaphors without meaning but purpose

Musical notes and cords can’t soothe her pain anymore

She’s on her death bed

Pregnant with disappointments

The only voice she hears is the one that echoes regret,

The one that laughs to scorn and the one that whispers faith

But that one is suppressed

For she has become numb to everything that inspires her being beyond the flesh

Principles and passions flew out the window when they lured her in pursuit of her panties

Pain was a just a small price to pay for the timely popularity and prestige

Now labelled as a bitch

Disowned even by those who used to scream “money money money” with her while she was messing with a married man

Sipping from expensive bottles of venom in celebration of fake success

Achieving mischief with misguided intent

Blowing money that never reflected on any bank statement

While her family gradually grew distant

Her life used to be potent but now it’s just a story with sad content

Education is important

Structured or unstructed

Kuyanyanzeleka iingqondo sizivule to the universal truths that circulate our consience

For being a victim of circumstance is never ideal

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Jeans so skinny
Hairstyles tranny
Attitudes trashy and
Their souls are scary

Manhood flushed in flashy fishtail fashion fairytales
Exposing his fuckable flesh
While claiming to be fresh
Forgive me for seemingly speaking french
But I have a bone to pick with the latest fashion trends that have seen masculine figures go soft to the core with their souls gone yellow around the edges
This has nothing to do with bible verses
But I simply abominate men who carry purses,
cosmetic bags and make up cases with unjustified cockiness
Self actualization gone wrong
Discord making up most parts of the song
Harmonies of helium gas fill up the atmosphere as the world pulls fake smiles to our faces
Mockery towards your fake lashes and asses
Young lady how sentimental are your centimetres,
Do they have any effect on your six senses,
Or are they a disruption from your changing faces???

I once considered using magnifying lenses to zoom into your inner being
But I soon realised that you are shallow and superficial
All that mattered to you was what appealed to the facial
The apparel that masks the troubled soul inside
Crying for help so loud causing his master to hide
Chronicles of a child who refused to abide
Now an adult who is unable to decide
Peer pressures and social effects easily influence a weak mind

What happened to your dreams of being a beautiful bride
Were they perhaps swallowed by your swelling sense of calamitous pride
Promoted by your facebook profile pictures and  twitpics that excited even the filthiest mind
Exposing your fuckable flesh for likes and thirsty complements
Devaluing your soul and subjecting yourself to being a subject of ridicule ???

No expensive piece of clothing can cover up shame
It is time you realised that the world doesnt care and that his smiles are pretentious
Let your conscience awaken and realise that contrary to popular belief,
You are a soul with a body and not the other way round
Thus strengthening the fact that you hold more value within than any eye can determine based on what is presented on your skin
Let the truth sink in so that wisdom may kick in
For our “world” perishes not with our passing
But perpetuates with our offspring
Our teachings and preachings will be woven into their reincarnated souls
And our voices will be echoing as their guiding spirits
Let voice of reason be the reason you break down the walls of this long standing mental prison…
And let the voices of Steve Biko define in you a new meaning of self pride
Let Chinua Achebe’s philosophy build you up as things fall apart
And let Madiba’s long walk to freedom pave your path to a cultured mind
For you now will be leading the blind to a land where they can envision their dreams like Luther King Jr, Gandhi and John Dee, Da Vinci, Nostradamus, Montessori and Chanel and all the other visionaries that have walked this life and marked their permanent footnotes
The future is in your hands
And the only way to control it is if you start owning your life
So own your life!!!

                                                                                                                            K.Ngudu aka The-Voice

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I am a monument of mischief
A mastermind of mind-fucks
A mesomorph of misery who knows nothing but deceiving charm and missionary
An emotional mercenary who’s mesmerised by his own maliciousness
I am mindless of humaneness
Henceforth I am deemed an agent of loneliness
Holyness is my front but hornyness is my order of business
I am a positive influence of negative subdues
I am subliminal
Minimal survive my sting of falling for temptation after starring me in the eye
My voice whispers a beautiful lie
With “I LOVE YOU” as the most deceptive line
I want you to be mine
I want your soul to be under my command till the end of time

Can your resist my charm?
Try to resist my charm and have the worst experience of time

Who am I is not important to you than what am I
So what am I?

I am your reflection
A proud version of your shame
A loud version of your silence
A public figure of your secrets
The outside of the closet you decided to trap yourself in
I am out here
Ready to embrace you with the love  you’ll never receive from those who claim to love you
I am your family
The only thing that will forever suit that definition at any given time
No matter the mood
I am your emotional state
The impulsiveness within that leads you to the paths of enchanted bliss
I am that deadly kiss
The kind of bliss you never want to miss
The kind of temptation you hardly ever resist
That dirty thought you don’t ever want to dismiss

I hold the torch that brings the light to your deep seated darkness
I am the blossoming flower in your gardern of fears
I want you to embrace me
Cherish me with all your being
For I have limited your mind to believing that nothing else in this world exists either than me
I am your perishing prosperity
The one that brings forth a plethora of possible impossibilities
The negative side of your brain that breeds beast bacteria to combat positivity
The cataract that caught your third eye
The sickness that persists through your bloodline
Fuck me very hard and together we will give birth to a very convincing piece of foul
A philosophy with no ground
A belief that bypasses the mind

I am your very own self built mental prison and …
My name is IGNORANCE.

                                                                                                                                                                                                K.NGUDU: 22/7/2014
                                                                                                                                                                                                 NguduThePoet aka The-Voice



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As the dark shades of the night give birth to light at the breaking of dawn through the sun’s delight
My smile gets bright
Brighter with every theatrical pose I pull with my mouth when I mimic the sacred bend of the semi lunar
My heart finds delight
Delight brought forward by the designs of your nature
The architecture of your kind
Summons my soul to swell with hope
Hope that the new age defined by so many ills
As a result of earthly thrills
Is not predestined for shrills
Even though we get constant chills
And sniff on cracked up pills
We do realise that our lives are not invested on money market tills
But a more divine being….. God
Happy Birthday!!!

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